Appartments at Broomfield Road, Chelmsford 2no. 1 Bedroom Apartments Planning Permission has been granted for a  small three storey block of apartments close to  a small retail centre in a built up residential area  of Chelmsford. The design takes a  contemporary approach whilst contextualising  by the choice of materials. The mix of timber  batten and glass gives a welcomed modern  relief as well as preventing overlooking issues  from the adjacent building. The proposal is split  between the glazed circulation space which will  create an open, light appearance, to the solid  brick and render clad apartments. Four  oversized car parking bays will provide  adequate manoeuvrability entering into and out  of the site. The carports will be enclosed and in  keeping with the design. The ground floor also  sees the retention of external garden space as  well as introducing dedicated bin and cycle  stores.
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